Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Kissing At Midnight On New Year`s Day

Comrades in arms: Married couple Neil and Michelle Lewis, who met in the Army, will be spending New Year together at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan

No Kissing At Midnight: Armed Forces Couple Will See In The New Year On Afghanistan Front Line -- The Daily Mail

It's normal for a husband and wife to celebrate New Year together, and they might even get out somewhere new.

But Neil and Michelle Lewis will be marking the end of 2010 on the front line in Afghanistan, where both are serving with the armed forces.

And, although they will welcome 2011 with a bottle of bubbly at their base in Helmand Province, they won't be allowed to kiss on the stroke of midnight as it is banned by the Army.

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My Comment:
No kissing permitted .... yeah right.

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