Monday, February 28, 2011

Civil War In Libya -- News Updates February 28, 2011

Gadhafi Clamps Down On Protesters In Libya's Capital -- USA Today

BENGHAZI, Libya — Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi maintained a crackdown in the capital Monday as anti-government protesters appeared in the streets of Tripoli and fighting against Gadhafi forces broke out in other cities.

In Tripoli, a few hundred protesters marched in the Tajoura district after burying one of the victims of a deadly crackdown last week, said Ahmad Hamadi, a resident of Tripoli. Pro-government forces dispersed the protesters, and no casualties were reported.

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More News On The Civil War In Libya

Pro-Gadhafi forces close in on rebel-held cities -- Yahoo News/AP
World raises pressure on Libya, battles for key towns -- Yahoo News/Reuters
Pro-Gadhafi Forces Attempt Raids on East -- Wall Street Journal
Reports: Gadhafi forces attack 2 cities -- UPI
Libya Wages Counterattack on Rebels, and Battles Rage -- New York Times
Libyan police 'shoot down' protesters in Tripoli -- RIA Novosti
Security Forces Stop Protests in Libyan Capital -- Voice of America
More skirmishes in Libya as U.S., Europe ratchet up pressure -- Washington Post
Zawiyah: 30 miles from Tripoli, the city on the frontline of Libya's revolt -- The Guardian
Gaddafi rivals close in on Tripoli -- Al Jazeera
Libyan militias prepare to join forces before assault on Tripoli -- The Guardian

Libyans 'ready to die for me', says Kadhafi
-- Yahoo News/AFP
Libya protests: Gaddafi says 'all my people love me' -- BBC
Libya's Gaddafi: 'My people love me' -- BBC
Gaddafi: My people will die to protect me -- Ynet News
Qaddafi: My people "would die for me" -- CBS News
Pressure Grows On Libya's Qaddafi To Quit -- Radio Free Europe

U.S. hits Libya with sanctions, shuts embassy -- Reuters
US to impose sanctions on Libya -- Al Jazeera
Libya sanctions: China's new role at the UN -- Christian Science Monitor
Security Council Calls for War Crimes Inquiry in Libya -- New York Times
Refugees flee Libya amid bloodshed -- L.A. Times
Oil Flows as Rebels Gain -- Wall Street Journal
US deploys naval and air forces to Libya -- The National
'Voice of Free Libya' battles Qaddafi – on air -- Christian Science Monitor
Libya's revolution headquarters -- Al Jazeera
Libya After Gaddafi -- Dirk Vandewalle, Yahoo News/The Daily Beast
Keeping up with the Gaddafis -- Al Jazeera

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Lê Thanh Đức said...

commentary 1:

Struggle with (the) 'Islamist ideology' and 'terrorist organizations' success in the Middle East - the countries in the region' striving democracy. "

1 - (when) The 'Middle East' achieve 'democracy' is:

+ Benefits and Life (People's) response.

+ People: 'participation' (good) in the 'government' (vote, requires' policy'...).

+ State: from 'people's' ownership and the 'power' properly executed.


People to participate in nation building (good) is 'to develop' (country) decided by the people themselves ('developing country': the level of 'intellectual', the 'satisfaction'.

The 'benefits' with 'the people'. "

2 - Prevent 'extremist Islamic ideology':

+ 'State' 'power' the right (not focused) and not 'some individuals'' spending power '(Reason: selective progressive and democratic' elections.)

The extremist Islamic ideology 'difficult' propaganda 'established: the State' Taliban style '.. By, 'Islamist ideology' applicable State 'Taliban model, the' accumulation of power '(' rule ') and' forced 'people (women lower benefits, lifestyle' draconian ' ...).

+ If 'sabotage': action 'life' (each 'people').

Government that 'the people' 'participation' at: the 'political apathy', with the 'opposition' policy. Meanwhile, 'the extremist Islamic organizations' (such as the AlQaeda organization'...): break 'the State' which 'people' less 'consensus'. 'Life' 'meet' so bad ... 'people' is not a strong fight.

'Terrorism' is: a / against 'the government' that people 'support' 'vote'; b / terrorism where 'public' as against 'the place to do business' (individual) people (life response: the 'public place' associated lifestyles life does not meet: the 'people' working poor and unemployed, so less' presence'...). Thus, 'rights' to people (a, b) they (will) fight 'keep well'.

+ Social Democracy: 'People' 'progress' (do not get dragged 'extremist Islamic ideology').

Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain ... striving democracy (good): prevent 'the extremist Islamic organizations. "

Democracy (good) 'each country' shall not 'affect - the dominant' countries: Russia, U.S., China, Iran and other countries ... 'good contact'.