Monday, February 28, 2011

World News Briefs -- February 28, 2011 (Evening Edition)

World Raises Pressure On Libya, Battles For Key Towns -- Yahoo News/Reuters

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – The United States and other foreign governments discussed military options for dealing with Libya on Monday as Muammar Gaddafi scoffed at the threat to his government from a spreading popular uprising.

With government forces massing to try to take back strategic coastal cities from rebels, the United States said it was moving U.S. naval and air forces closer to Libya.

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Bahraini protesters move to parliament building.

Outside Yemen's capital, anger and grievances run deep.

Iraqi PM Maliki pledges reform after 'Day of Rage'.

Obama welcomes Bahrain cabinet reshuffle.

Oman protests intensify as Sultan struggles to appease demonstrators. Oman protesters stage third day of unrest.

Iran naval mission 'not aggressive': admiral.


Quake-hit New Zealand braces for more than 240 deaths.

China tamps down Middle East-inspired protests before they can gain momentum. China mobilizes against activists.

North Korea threatens 'firing attacks' on South over leaflets about Mideast turmoil.

US, South Korea begin military drill amid North Korean war threats.

New Zealand quake damages may cost as much as $15.1 billion.


Libya: West ready to use force against Col Gaddafi amid chemical weapon fears. Opposition declares new Libya government as Qaddafi hangs on. Rebels in Libya's east say they're not ready to take Tripoli. U.S. fears Tripoli may deploy gas as chaos mounts.

Egypt bans Mubarak from travel, freezes assets.

Tunisians celebrate prime minister's resignation after round-the-clock protests.

DR Congo: Six killed in 'coup bid' against Kabila.

Somali pirates seize cargo ship with 23 crew.

Belarus has broken arms embargo by sending attack helicopters to Ivory Coast, says UN chief. UN warns Belarus about supplying helicopters to Ivory Coast.

Attack kills four in central Nigeria: military.

Three killed in Tunisia clashes: government.


Russia aims to reform corrupt police.

Nicolas Sarkozy sacks foreign minister after Tunisia row. Sarkozy names Juppe Foreign Minister to stem critics of Mideast response.

Ireland parties talk coalition, seek bailout changes.

Fraud and bribery trials return to add to Berlusconi's woes. Silvio Berlusconi: Italy PM's tax fraud trial resumes.


Fidel Castro expected to resign as Cuba party chief.

US Treasury blocks record $30bn of Libya assets.

Libya: Col Gaddafi's son 'in hiding on Venezuelan island'.

Mexico arrests two more in US agent Jaime Zapata murder.

Report: Massive landslide hits Bolivian capital.

Chile earthquake anniversary puts President PiƱera in the hotseat.


As regimes fall in Arab world, Al Qaeda sees history fly by.

Afghan intel links Jalalabad bank attack, other suicide attacks to Pakistan.

Anxiety on all sides of upcoming House hearing on radicalization of U.S. Muslims.

Next wave of Al Qaeda coming from within U.S.?

Al-Qaida's No. 2 incites Tunisians, Egyptians.


Google confirms missing email problem in Gmail.

Oil rises $1 as Oman protests fan supply concern.

3M chief warns Obama over business regulation.

Madoff to NY magazine: Government a Ponzi scheme.

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