Saturday, February 26, 2011

World News Briefs -- February 26, 2011

Libyan Protesters Brace for Violence in Tripoli -- Voice of America

Opposition protesters in Libya could be facing increased pressure Saturday to end their efforts to oust leader Moammar Gadhafi. Gadhafi Friday offered to arm civilian supporters across the country in an effort to quash dissent.

On Friday, thousands of opposition protesters staged a new push to oust Gadhafi. Protesters amassed in cities including Benghazi, where anti-Gadhafi forces appear to be in control.

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Attack shuts Iraq's largest oil refinery, kills 1.

23 killed in Iraq's 'Day of Rage' protests.

In setback, Iran to unload fuel from nuclear plant.

Major Yemen tribes join protesters. Five more die after protests in Yemen city of Aden.

Yemen's day of rage: thousand demonstrate in Sana'a.


Shanghai tightens security ahead of China ‘Jasmine’ rallies.

Afghan probe says Nato killed dozens of Kunar civilians.

Tensions rise between U.S., Pakistan spy agencies. CIA director calls ISI chief over Raymond Davis issue.

China calls for renewed fight against Dalai Lama.

New Zealand rescuers find only dead in quake city, toll 145. Christchurch earthquake leaves third of city buildings facing demolition.


Gaddafi forces fire on protesters in Tripoli; defiant leader urges thousands of supporters to take up arms. Libya: Tripoli residents say civilians being armed. Libyan leader, protesters defiant as world leaders seek resolution.

Tunisians proud at sparking Arab rebellions.

Egypt army apologises for beating protesters. Egyptian military apologizes for using force on protesters.

Fighting spreads as Ivory Coast draws closer to return to civil war. Fears that Ivory Coast is slipping back into civil war. Gun battles raging in Ivory Coast.

Uganda police to crush opposition protests against poll outcome.


Ireland's Fine Gael gets 36.1 percent of vote: exit poll. Irish voters reject Government, but accept austerity program. Irish voters shun government and Europe.

Report: Man blows himself up at Moscow supermarket.

Militants attack southern Russia city.

Bosnia's top envoy, EU renew call for government formation.

Thousands of war vets rally in Croatian capital.


Violent deaths in Mexico activist's family know no end.

Obama urges Congress to avoid US budget gridlock.

US growth revised lower as state spending cuts bite.

Zelaya backers eye party for 2013 vote in Honduras.


Obama signs temporary extension of Patriot Act.

Obama defends Ashcroft in Supreme Court terror case.

Iraqi troops kill al Qaeda's 'war minister' in Anbar: report.


Companies concerned about rising fuel costs.

Analysis: Mideast faces higher debt costs but won't default.

How Mideast turmoil affects oil prices. Six questions answered.

Who depends the most on Libyan oil?

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