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Afghanistan War News Updates -- February 26, 2011

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Suicide Bomb Attack Continues Afghan Trend -- New York Times

KABUL, Afghanistan — A playing field in a remote area of northwest Afghanistan where a crowd had gathered was the most recent target for a suicide bomber who detonated himself on Saturday, in the seventh suicide attack in Afghanistan in less than a month.

The attack in Faryab Province killed at least 3 people and wounded 30, said the provincial governor, Abdul Haq Shafaq. The crowd had gathered for a game of buzkashi, which involves men on horseback trying to grab a dead goat from each other. He said the attacker was a 17-year-old boy. It was unclear how officials could judge his age.

“By targeting civilians, our enemies are now losing their honor among people,” Mr. Shafaq said.

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More News On Afghanistan

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Pakistani Insurgents Destroy Oil Tankers For NATO Troops -- Radio Free Europe
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US forces pulling out of Pech valley in Afghanistan -- DAWN
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U.S. leaving Afghan valley once thought key -- CBS News
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Jailed Christian convert is freed in Afghanistan -- FOX News
Jailed Christian convert is freed in Afghanistan -- AP
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