Saturday, February 26, 2011

Revolution In Libya -- News Updates February 26, 2011

Gaddafi's Last Stand: Embattled Leader Threatens To 'Burn All Of Libya' If Protesters Do Not Cease In Their Bid To Overthrow Him -- The Daily Mail

* Former Libyan diplomat warns thousands will die in the next 24 hours
* Prospect of setting up a no-fly zone to prevent Gaddafi bombing protesters
* Thousands defy shoot-on-sight warning at Green Square protest
* U.S. imposes sanctions on Libya and cuts diplomatic ties

Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi has threatened to 'burn all of Libya' if the citizens do not cease protests against him.

In a surprise televised appearance, Gaddafi warned he was ready to unleash further bloodshed and urged his followers: 'Prepare to defend Libya.'

He told loyalists in Tripoli's Green Square that 'we will defeat any outside attempt to overturn our country', and bizarrely added: 'Libyan people love me.'

He was attempting to stage a dramatic last attempt to cling on to power as tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Libya.

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More News On The Unrest In Libya

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Gaddafi secretly transfers £3bn to Mayfair-based fund as European leaders say 'brutality and intimidation will not be tolerated' -- Daily Mail
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