Thursday, March 31, 2011

Samantha Power: One Of President Obama's Key Foreign Policy Advisers

Samantha Power, Susan Rice, President Obama Prepare to take us to War in Libya based on a United Nations mandate and ideology of our Responsibility To Protect (R2P) This becomes the Obama Doctrine of international intervention. Supported by Hillary Clinton and the U.S. State Department against the advisement of the Pentagon and US Defense Department. (Photo from The Last Refuge)

Samantha Power, Long A Critic Of U.S. Foreign Policy, Now Helps Shape It -- L.A. Times

An outspoken author and advocate against foreign atrocities before joining the Obama White House, she's now part of a small circle shaping the approach to the crises in Africa and the Middle East.

Reporting from Washington — After years as an outsider who watched in frustration as the U.S. failed to stop foreign atrocities, Samantha Power now is an influential White House insider in a position to try to help prevent mass killings and limit the influence of rogue leaders.

Power is part of a small circle of presidential advisors shaping the U.S. approach to multiple crises rippling through the Middle East and North Africa.

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My Comment: UN Amb. Rice, Sec. of State Clinton, and NSA adviser Samantha Power have become the hawks on U.S. foreign policy in countries like Libya. But it is Samantha Power who is making the moral case for such interventions ..... and President Obama (so it appears) has accepted her reasoning.

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