Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bin Laden Was Planning A "Grand Coalition" Of Terror Groups When He Died

Osama bin Laden Tried To Establish 'Grand Coalition' Of Militant Groups -- The Guardian

Al-Qaida leader spent final weeks trying to strengthen links with Afghan and Pakistani insurgent groups in bid to 'stay relevant'.

Osama bin Laden spent much of his last weeks alive planning a new attempt to bring the disparate factions among insurgents and militants fighting in Pakistan and Afghanistan together under the umbrella of al-Qaida.

The terrorist leader, who had made repeated efforts to unify militant groups, was even considering risking leaving his safe house in Abbottabad, the northern Pakistani garrison town, to try to build a fresh alliance through face-to-face meetings, sources in Pakistan, Afghanistan and America have told the Guardian.

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My Comment: Call me skeptical .... but I very much doubt that he would have been successful. His ability to move around and meet people was severely limited. He was running out of money .... and .... more importantly .... even if was successful to organize such a "grand coalition", being able to manage such an undertaking would have been impossible with all the attention that was focused on him from U.S. and other military/intelligence services.

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