Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Britain Embraces The Use Of Cyber Weapons

The Cabinet Office and the Cyber Security Operations Centre at GCHQ (above) have taken the lead on cyber weapons Photo: PA

Cyber Weapons 'Now Integral Part Of Britain's Armoury' -- The Telegraph

Cyber weapons are being developed by the Government to counter the growing number of internet-based threats to national security, ministers have disclosed.

A "toolbox" of offensive cyber weapons is being assembled to fight hackers targeting military facilities, secret databases, critical emergency services and Whitehall departments.

Nick Harvey, the Armed Forces minister, acknowledged the existence of the programme and admitted that cyber weapons were "an integral part of the country's armoury" in an interview with the Guardian newspaper.

He said: "Action in cyberspace will form part of the future battlefield. We need a toolbox of capabilities and that's what we are currently developing.

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My Comment: Like most stories that expose government efforts to developing cyber weapons .... this one does not go into specifics. Unfortunately .... I suspect that if they do go into specifics and details .... this information will be ultimately used against us.

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