Thursday, June 30, 2011

Afghanistan War News Updates -- June 30, 2011

NATO Airstrike Kills Militant Leader Linked to Kabul Hotel Attack -- Voice of America

NATO says it has killed a top Haqqani network leader in Afghanistan who is suspected of aiding militants who attacked a Kabul hotel late Tuesday.

In a statement Thursday, NATO said it killed Ismail Jan and several Haqqani fighters in an airstrike in Paktiya province near the Pakistani border. It said Jan was the deputy to the senior Haqqani commander in Afghanistan, and has led a group of fighters in attacks against Afghan and coalition security forces since late 2010.

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More News On Afghanistan

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Attack at Kabul Hotel Deflates Security Hopes in Afghanistan -- New York Times
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Afghan Attack Left Mass of Bodies at Luxury Hotel -- New York Times/AP
Kabul attack throws spotlight on troop pullout -- BBC
Obama Weighed Military and Political Risk for Afghan Plan
-- New York Times/Reuters
Afghanistan: Attack won't derail security transfer -- Yahoo News/AP
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Afghans Arrest Two Officials Over Kabul Bank Collapse -- New York Times
Banker Flees Afghanistan In Fear For His Life -- NPR
Afghan delays in addressing banking problems imperil foreign aid -- Washington Post
Kabul Bank Scandal Tests Afghan Stability -- Voice of America

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Did Money on Mules Free French Hostages? -- CNBC

The Struggle for Afghanistan's Youth -- the Guardian
Fallen Marine Honored With Intelligence Medal for Valor -- U.S. Department of Defense
Marine's last words to family from Afghanistan: 'I'll see you soon' -- CNN
For suspected insurgents, NATO jails trump Afghan justice -- Miami Herald

U.S. and Taliban Diverge on Meaning of Kabul Siege -- Wall Street Journal
Kabul Hotel Attack Demonstrates Taliban's Persistence -- Max Fisher, The Atlantic
Kabul hotel attack is down to political gameplay -- Bette Dam, The Guardian
Kabul attack: Is Afghanistan ready to take over NATO's security duties? -- Howard LaFranchi, Christian Science Monitor
The Kabul Intercontinental Attack: The Taliban's Clear Message -- John Wendle, Time
Taliban talks bombing -- Washington Times editorial
As US slowly withdraws from Afghanistan, regional neighbors should step up -- Walter Rodgers, Yahoo News/Christian Science Monitor
How the Taliban and America met in Munich -- Ahmed Rashid, Financial Times

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