Thursday, June 30, 2011

World News Briefs -- June 30, 2011

Greece Set For Final Vote On Austerity Measures After 2 Days Of Riots -- Washington Post/AP

ATHENS, Greece — Greek lawmakers are set to pass a bill Thursday to fast-track fresh austerity measures demanded by creditors, following two days of rioting in Athens that left some 200 people injured and 50 stores damaged.

Greece’s international creditors have insisted that Greece back an austerity package and the associated implementation bill in return for giving more money to the country. On Wednesday, parliament approved the five-year €28 billion ($40 billion) package of spending cuts and tax increases, leaving details of the cuts to be approved Thursday.

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June bloodiest month for U.S. in Iraq in 2 years. U.S. monthly combat deaths in Iraq at 3-year high.

UN court indicts four Hezbollah members over Hariri car bomb. Indictments issued in Hariri death probe.

Syrian forces take mountainous province; 11 killed. Syria pulls its armed forces from some contested cities.

Iran facing new U.S. sanctions.

Riyadh will build nuclear weapons if Iran gets them, Saudi prince warns.


Senior commander in Haqqani network 'killed'. Nato 'kills senior Haqqani militant in Afghanistan'.

Pakistan ends U.S. use of base for drone attacks: report.

North Korea rejects holding nuke talks with south.

Kim cancelled Russia trip on security worry: Report.


Commander refutes report that France supplied weapons to Libya's rebel forces. France provides weapons, food to Libyan rebels.

U.S. drone targets two leaders of Somali group allied with al-Qaeda, official says.

Senegal cracks down on riots.

South Sudan President steers nation to independence.

Egypt unprepared for September elections.


Buyers' market as Greece starts assets fire sale.

U.K.: 'Hundreds of thousands' of public sector workers strike. Public 'at risk' after 999 operators strike.

French journalists arrive home after 18-month Taliban hostage ordeal.

Gaza activists say ship sabotaged in Greece.


New Mexico wildfires approach Los Alamos nuclear lab.

As poppy fields flourish in Mexico, heroin use surges in U.S..

Most Jamaicans believe UK rule better according to poll.

William, Kate off to Canada, US in first tour.


Al Qaeda remains top threat to U.S.

U.S. anti-terror strategy targets peril from within.

White House aims to disrupt al Qaeda online.


Web retailers say they'll fight new California sales tax.

Libya rebel chief says oil exports may take years.

London Stock Exchange £4.2bn merger with Canada's TMX collapses.

U.S. caught China buying more debt than disclosed.

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