Thursday, June 30, 2011

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 30, 2011

Curtains Closing On Robert Gates' Years As Defense Secretary -- ABC News

This morning, it's likely that from his office Defense Secretary Robert Gates could see the military bands and honor guards gathered on a parade field to practice the pomp and circumstance of a departure ceremony tomorrow to be held in his honor as he leaves the Pentagon for the last time.

On Thursday, Gates will finish out a four and half year tenure as Defense Secretary that began when President George W. Bush asked him to return to government service and replace the controversial Donald Rumsfeld.

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Gates Sends Message Thanking Troops for Service -- U.S. Department of Defense

Obama, Pentagon plan big send-off for Gates -- Stars and Stripes

June bloodiest month for U.S. in Iraq in 2 years -- CBS

A400M Program Clouded By Concerns Over Maintenance -- Defense News

UAE wanted armed Predator drones in 2004

Australia Plots Biggest Postwar Military Sale -- Defense News/AFP

Russia ‘No Obstacle’ To U.S.-Armenian Military Ties -- Radio Free Europe

British Desert Rats help build closer ties with French Army -- MoD

Chavez's health an issue for arms deals -- Space Wars

China Could Make 5th Gen Engines By 2021 -- Defense Tech

China Exporting Submarines For Pakistans Nuclear Triad -- Information Dissemination

Intelligence: China's Graduate Schools For Spies -- Strategy Page

Artillery: Smart Rockets Rule The Battlefield -- Strategy Page

Report: Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Cost US Nearly $4 Trillion -- Voice of America

Defense Budget Hinges on Debt Talks -- Defense News

Obama hints at deeper cuts to defense spending -- Stars and Stripes

How Far Will the Humvee Ride Into the Future? -- Ares

Another chance for DDG 1000? -- DoD Buzz

Killer Drones, Stealth Jets, Spy Planes: Bob Gates’ Legacy in Military Tech -- Danger Room

WNAN: DARPA’s Idea for Next-Generation Soldier Networks -- Defense Industry Daily

Boeing found to have overcharged Army for helicopter parts -- GoveExec

Commander: Special operations forces under stress -- Forbes/AP

Obama Denies ‘Kill not Capture’ Mission --

Female Special Operators Now in Combat --

New Program Aims to Find Military Spouses Work
-- FOX News

Military vet accused of passport fraud weighs offer -- CNN

How Much Does the DoD Spend on Air Conditioning?
-- Ares/Aviation Week

Spitfire down: The WWII camp where Allies and Germans mixed -- BBC

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