Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Calls To Rescind Military Ban On Women In Combat Roles

Activists, Lawmakers Renew Push To End Military’s Ban On Women In Combat Roles -- Washington Post

After 10 years of war, the work of women in the military is increasingly equal with that of men and yet, under a Defense Department policy, they are still technically barred from combat roles. That, some lawmakers, activists and service members fear, has meant their absence in the higher echelons of the force.

On Thursday, an overwhelmingly female group of lawmakers, activists and service members gathered on Capitol Hill as the Caucus on Women in the Military called for the removal of the policy, which states that women may not operate on the front lines of combat — “well forward on the battlefield” — or in places where they cannot be accommodated, long taken to mean environments like submarines.

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My Comment: Personally .... I do not favor women participating in combat roles. But .... women are serving in combat roles, and will continue to do so in future wars regardless of my opinion. My prediction .... the military’s ban on women in combat roles will be officially eliminated in the next 5 years (if not sooner).

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