Sunday, July 31, 2011

Operation "Fast and Furious" Is Raising Temperatures On Both Sides Of The U.S.-Mexican Border

For Mexicans, Fury Over Fast And Furious Only Confirms U.S. Role In Drug Violence -- McClatchy News

MEXICO CITY — While a gunrunning sting known as Fast and Furious is drawing criticism in Congress for losing track of weapons that were smuggled into Mexico, Mexicans say the controversy only confirms their conviction that the U.S. gun industry profits off of bloodshed south of the border.

As new details of the U.S. undercover operation emerged last week in congressional hearings in Washington, a broad array of Mexicans said the scandal simply underscores the ease with which brutal crime gangs obtain large quantities of assault weapons from U.S. gun shops near the border.

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More News On Who Knew What On Operation "Fast and Furious"

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My Comment: What is my take .... such a program would never be authorized .... I repeat .... it would be authorized unless it was OK'd by senior officials in the Justice department .... and maybe even higher than that. To think that this was a rogue operation from certain ATF officers is not convincing, especially in regards to the large number of weapons involved.

But .... there is still enough evidence (or lack of) to make one wonder if administration officials were kept in the dark, and that this was in fact a rogue operation. Either way .... this scandal is screaming for a special prosecutor .... and one should be appointed in the next few months.

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