Friday, September 30, 2011

Royal Navy Rear Admiral Morisetti: Climate Change Is A Threat to Global Security

Photo: Royal Navy Rear Adm. Neil Morisetti

Climate Change Compounds Global Security Threat, British Admiral Says -- CNN

Stresses from global climate change are increasing the threat of wars around the world, a British admiral said Wednesday.

Royal Navy Rear Adm. Neil Morisetti told students and faculty at Georgia Institute of Technology that global climate change threats to food, water, land and energy will present substantive security challenges in regions of the world where there are already stresses.

"Those climate stress multipliers are increasing the threat of armed conflict around the world," Morisetti said.

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My Comment: Rear Adm. Neil Morisetti has been pushing the thesis of climate change and its impact on security issues for a long time. For more info on his work, check this link.

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