Wednesday, November 30, 2011

President Obama's Silence On Pakistan's Military Is Costing The Lives Of American Soldiers In Afghanistan

The Generals Have No Clothes -- Kapil Komireddi, Foreign Policy

Islamabad's generals have been sponsoring the deaths of Americans for years, and yet Obama does nothing. Why?

Pakistan is indignant about the killing of 25 of its troops in a NATO air raid on Saturday. The circumstances that led to the assault are still unknown, but Washington and Europe have expressed contrition and promised an investigation. Pakistan has every reason to feel angry. But after a suitable period of mourning, shouldn't the United States, in the interests of fairness if nothing else, ask the Pakistani army if it plans ever to apologize for -- or, at bare minimum, acknowledge -- its role in the deaths of hundreds of coalition forces and many more Afghan civilians?

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My Comment: Bottom line .... President Obama wants US Soldiers out of Afghanistan .... if it means making a deal with Pakistan's ISI and Generals to speed this up .... so be it.

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