Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Majority Of Americans See Pakistan As An Enemy

Most Americans See Pakistan As Enemy -- DAWN

WASHINGTON: A majority of Americans do not see Pakistan as a friend to the United States, says an opinion survey released on Monday.

The survey, conducted on Nov 27, a day after a Nato air strike killed 25 Pakistani soldiers, asked US citizens: Do you consider Pakistan to be a friend or enemy of the United States?

An enemy to the US was the choice of 55 per cent respondents. Only seven pc said they considered Pakistan a friend, 26 pc did not consider Pakistan a friend or enemy and 12 pc did not have an opinion.

The surveyors, a US polling agency called Poll Positions, noted that the relationship between the United States and Pakistan had been up and down over the past years.

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My Comment:
Finding Osama bin Laden in a compound that was literally next door to Pakistan's top military academy and 35 miles north of their capital city did more to destroy U.S. trust in Pakistan .... than any other Pakistani action. Couple this with Pakistani actions after Bin Laden's killing, nuclear proliferation, support (and protection) of terror groups that are targeting Afghan/U.S. forces, and artillery strikes in Afghan proper .... it is now very hard for most Americans to believe anything that now comes out of Pakistan's government/military/intelligence departments.

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