Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Privacy Policy

With the heavy traffic that this blog has been receiving in the past few months, I am now obliged to publish a Privacy Policy. I just want to inform everyone that we have no interest in tracking and/or keeping any information on the readers of War News Updates. We take your privacy seriously, and we will not permit tracking and/or marketing programs to monitor our readers. If you should find a post has such a tool, please inform us immediately and we will delete this offending post ASAP.


Unknown said...

Hi there blogger i love your site and all stories that you post on it but if you could please just cut down a little on amount stories that you upload be great trying to get true 30 to 40 stories a day can be bit too much as its due really to time im from ireland 6 hours + time zone keep up good work

Musicity said...


Unknown said...

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