Saturday, December 31, 2011

British Files Indicate Level Of Support For The Afghan Mujahideen In 1981

Moscow's forces pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989 after a decade of war Photo: REUTERS/Mikhail Evstafiev

1981 Files Hint At Afghan Secret War -- The Telegraph

Evidence of an escalating secret war in Afghanistan is revealed in confidential documents which have been released to the National Archives.

The documents detail Britain and America’s contribution to supporting Afghan militants fighting against the Soviets following the invasion of 1979 and an increasing propaganda war around the Moscow Olympics of 1980.

With some of those figures still active in Afghan politics, in places the Foreign Office documents have been censored or pages have been removed.

A “top secret memo” from the Foreign Secretary’s private secretary in September 1980 wrote of training and equipping 26 cameramen to be sent into Afghanistan to “take films of Russian atrocities and military activities in Afghanistan.”

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My Comment: I guess I am starting to get old because for me .... 1981 .... it feels like yesterday.

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