Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hot Spots For 2012

North Korea's Tricky Succession—And Two More Holiday Hotspots To Watch -- Popular Mechanics

Three of the world's most combustible regions are flaring as 2011 comes to an end. Here are the battles, civil wars, and massacres to keep an eye on over eggnog.

North Korea: Who's Controlling Those Nukes and Chemical Weapons?

After Kim Jong Il died this weekend, the South Korean military went into alert—and South Korean defense stocks rose 15 percent when the dictator's death was announced. South Korea's leaders, and investors, know that Stalinist regimes tend to have rocky transitions when their leaders die.

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My Comment
: I would also add Egypt, Gaza, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Venezuela, Russia, the Euro .... well .... you get the picture.

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