Friday, December 30, 2011

China's Growing Economy Makes It Impossible For American Containment To Succeed

Without Economic Changes, America Can't Contain China -- Aol Defense

The problem with military planners is that all they know is military stuff. The Pentagon may harbor some of the best strategists who ever gazed at a globe, but they seldom have much grasp of economics or demographics or cultural trends. So when a new threat arises, their natural inclination is to figure out how military force can be applied to deter or defeat it.

Thus it is with the growing challenge posed by a rising China in what used to be called the "Far East." The arc of countries stretching from Singapore to the Korean Peninsula has become the industrial heartland of the new global economy, and it is essential to U.S. national security that those nations not become dominated by China as Beijing's influence grows.

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My Comment: My must read post for today. The analysis in this post is sobering, but one that this blog has been warning about for as long as I can remember. China has not respected trade treaty obligations and promises, and as long as we permit them to continue behaving like this .... our economies and manufacturing base will decline even more .... shifting economic power from the West to this emerging Asian giant.

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