Saturday, December 31, 2011

Corruption Cannot Be Hidden Anymore

Corrupt Elites Are Being Named And Shamed – By The People -- The Telegraph

Around the world, tyrants and thieving officials are running out of places to hide.

It will be a year ago next Wednesday that a Tunisian fruit vendor called Mohamed Bouazizi died, 18 days after dousing himself with paint thinner, setting himself alight, and inspiring a series of protests which we now remember as the Arab Spring. At the time, these protests were widely described as political. But in a recent, brilliant article for Foreign Policy magazine, the economist Hernando de Soto pointed out that these movements also had a very specific set of economic inspirations. In fact, Bouazizi was a frustrated entrepreneur, a would-be businessman who was unable to get ahead because of weak property rights, bad laws and rigged markets.

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My Comment: Stalin once remarked .... how many divisions does the Vatican have? But it was a Polish Pope who got the ball rolling that ended communism in Eastern Europe. The same can be said about social media today .... how many divisions does Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube have .... hmmmm .... considering what is happening .... I would say a huge army. And for dictators and tyrants who thrive on secrecy and isolation and live on the corruption that they spawn .... both big and small .... 2011 was not a good year, and it looks like 2012 is going to be worse.


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