Saturday, December 31, 2011

North Korea: Where Are Kim Jong-un's Brothers?

North Korea Drama: Where Are Kim Jong-un's Brothers? -- Christian Science Monitor

Conspicuously absent from all images coming out of North Korea are Kim Jong-il's two other sons.

The two older sons of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il face uncertain fates as political exiles, while brother Kim Jong-un assumes the mantle of power in Pyongyang.

Analysts offer that view after finding no signs that either has come to visit their father’s body lying in state in a glass-enclosed coffin in Pyongyang.

In fact, say analysts, the spectacle of two blood brothers in the wings would be more than a mere distraction. It would be difficult to convince people that at least one of them wasn't waiting to take over, especially since they're both older and the "supreme leader," after all, has done little to prove he's worthy of the title.

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My Comment: Kn Jong-un's two brothers have it right .... being leader of North Korea is be a "shitty" job. Best stay in Macau and have fun gambling (Kim Jong-nam), or travel to rock concerts (Kim Jong-chul).

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