Tuesday, January 31, 2012

German Satellite Was 'Minutes Away' From Crashing Into Beijing

The research satellite Rosat, seen here in a computerized reprodution, crashed to Earth last October. dapd/ EADS Astrium

German Satellite Almost Crashed into Beijing -- Spiegel Online

Last October, the German research satellite Rosat plunged into the Bay of Bengal, more than 20 years after it had been launched into orbit. But had it remained aloft for just seven more minutes, it would have landed in Beijing instead, new calculations show.

It was a proud day for German science when, on June 1, 1990, Rosat was launched into orbit from Cape Canaveral. The research satellite was chock full of the most modern technology available, allowing scientists the ability to search the skies for the source of X-ray radiation for the first time.

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Update: German satellite 'minutes from crashing into Beijing' -- The Telegraph

My Comment: Crashing in the middle of Beijing .... hhhmmmm .... that would have produced a few red faces.

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