Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why Is Israel So Chatty About Iran?

Why Is Israel So Chatty About Iran? Israeli Intelligence Journalist Ronen Bergman Explains To Yahoo News -- Laura Rozen, Yahoo News/The Envoy

Pentagon officials have lost sleep in recent weeks preparing for one contingency: what does the United States do in the event of a surprise Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities? Israeli intelligence writer Ronen Bergman interviewed several senior Israeli intelligence and defense officials for his Sunday New York Times Magazine cover story asking about that very prospect: "Will Israel Attack Iran?" Bergman comes to the conclusion in his piece that yes, Israel will attack Iran this year. But the Israeli officials who publicly discuss the option in the piece, and who have made other recent public statements, also present the question: why are Israeli leaders suddenly so chatty on the topic? Doesn't that put at risk one key strategic advantage Israel has prized in the past, the element of surprise? Bergman spoke to Yahoo News by phone from Israel Sunday. The interview has been edited and condensed.

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My Comment: An interesting perspective .... read it all.

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