Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 29, 2012

The military flight release allows qualified F-35 test pilots to begin flying the fifth-generation fighter around Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. (Lockheed Martin)

Local Area Flights Allowed For F-35 -- Defense News

The U.S. Air Force Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC) on Feb. 28 issued a military flight release (MFR) for the service’s F-35A Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), which would allow test pilots at Eglin AFB, Fla., to begin local area flights.

“The Air Force, Joint Strike Fighter Program Office and other stakeholders have painstakingly followed established risk acceptance and mitigation processes to ensure the F-35A is ready,” Air Force Materiel Command Chief Gen. Donald Hoffman said in a Feb. 28 press release. “This is an important step for the F-35A and we are confident the team has diligently balanced the scope of initial operations with system maturity.”

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Business as Usual for Top Arms Producers Despite Slowdown in Sales -- Defpro

WikiLeaks: Russia gave Israel Iranian system's codes -- YNet news

Taiwanese air force officer detained on suspicion of passing military secrets to China -- Washington Post/AP

British Army Major given suspended jail term for possession of secret documents -- The Telegraph

Britain begins preparations for Afghanistan withdrawal -- The Telegraph

Syria Uses Iranian UAS to Monitor Rebellion -- UAS Vision

Syrian Army Using World’s Biggest Mortar Against Own People -- Defense Tech

Russia to Lay Down New Frigate for Navy
-- RIA Novosti

China's J-15 Has Been Spotted On The Deck Of The Varyag -- Business Insider

Dozens of suspected Anonymous hackers arrested in worldwide sweep -- The Telegraph

F-35 cost squabble in Norway -- The Foreigner

PACOM Chief Balks At F-16 Upgrades For South Korea -- Aol Defense

S. Korea Develops Active Protection System for Armor -- Defense News

Pentagon pulls the plug on airborne missile defense system
-- McClatchy News

USAF re-assessing 5th generation fighter numbers -- Flight Global

US Air Force wants pilot-optional nuclear bomber -- Opinno

Air Force issues flight release for Eglin AFB F-35A
-- Air Force Material Command

Air Force Base Quietly Pauses F-22 Fighter Missions After More Air Problems -- ABC News

The Air Force Still Doesn’t Know What’s Choking Its Stealth Fighter Pilots -- Danger Room

Scrapped Northrop-EADS Tanker Deal Still Unsettled -- Defense News

U.S. Army's Modernization Program Hits Some Bumps -- Ares/Aviation Week

Big Army Programs Shifting From Procurement to Sustainment -- Ares/Aviation Week

New Navy Rail Gun Fires 50 Miles With No Propellant: Latest Tests Use Smaller Guns -- Aol Defense

Carlisle: USAF Must Use New Technology for Training -- Defense News

Senators Clash Over Idea of More Pentagon Cuts --

Pentagon to review how military handles PTSD cases -- Seattle Times

Army Dietitian Touts Warning Labels for Desserts and Fried Foods at Mess Halls
-- CNS News

Military Migraines -- Time

Modern wars changing the way PTSD is diagnosed
-- Stars and Stripes

New rules issued on when FBI, not military, keeps custody of al-Qaida suspects arrested in US -- Washington Post/AP

Military trial in Peace Corps rape case begins
-- FOX News

Army: Spouses to Blame for KIA Notification Fail -- Spouse Buzz

As Social Media Expands, Military Bloggers Find More Outlets -- New York Times

With Dinner for a Few, Obama Honors All Iraq Vets --

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 1,777 -- ABC News/AP

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