Wednesday, February 29, 2012

World News Briefs -- February 29, 2012

'100 A Day' Dying In Syria Violence -- Sydney Morning Herald

SYRIAN President Bashar al-Assad could be regarded as a war criminal, Hillary Clinton has suggested, as the United Nations said 100 people were dying in his country every day.

Lynn Pascoe, the UN under-secretary-general for political affairs, said the total number of dead from the conflict was now ''well over'' 7500, with no sign of an end to the violence.

''There are now credible reports that the death toll now often exceeds 100 civilians a day, including many women and children,'' Mr Pascoe said.

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Syria unrest: Military 'advancing in Homs'. Syrian troops reportedly pushing into besieged city. Syrian troops advance on rebel-held area of Homs. Syrian army assaults rebel districts.

Netanyahu will ask Obama to threaten Iran strike. Israel faces resistance over Iran strike.
Reports: Netanyahu will push Obama hard on Iran.

Iran: military decides if IAEA can visit Parchin.

Israel raids Palestinian television stations.

Iran 'to accept payment in gold for oil'.


U.S.: North Korea agrees to suspend nuclear activities. North Korea agrees to nuclear moratorium, Says U.S.

U.S. commander admits conditions on N. Korea aid.

Deadly riots in China’s troubled Xinjiang region.

China wages diplomatic offensive with Arab countries.

Fortunes of China's richest politicians hits £67bn.

China, Philippines argue over planned oil search.

Singapore 'the next Silicon Valley'.


Uganda to open third refugee camp for fleeing Congolese.

Costa Allegra passengers surviving on basic supplies flown in by helicopter.

Sudan, China discuss oil dispute.

U.S. and Egypt broach issue of Americans' trial.


Europe delays debt talks after signs of uncertain support.

Putin vies for leadership of a changed Russia.

Belarus says EU decision to pull envoys a ‘path into a deadlock’.

French genocide law: President Sarkozy orders new draft.

Irish put EU treaty up for a vote.

UK presses for European human rights convention changes.


US economic growth revised up to 3%.

Falklands anniversary: Argentina plan to ban British goods.

Romney sweeps to victory over Santorum in Michigan, Arizona.

Venezuela: Chavez in good condition after surgery.


Report: Egypt arrests al Qaeda leader. Doubts over identity of al-Qaeda militant held in Cairo.

Guantanamo prisoner held for years in secret emerges for plea deal that caps prison sentence.

July 7 bomber's widow 'on the run' over links with terrorist cell.

Obama issues waivers to military detention. New rules issued on when FBI, not military, keeps custody of al-Qaida suspects arrested in US.


OPEC leaders are ‘laughing at us’: Donald Trump.

Apple joins exclusive $500bn club. At $500 billion, Apple is worth more than Poland.

Markets start to anticipate Obama victory in November.

James Murdoch quits News International.

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