Monday, April 30, 2012

The Growing Philippine Role In America's Aisan Strategy

Philippines Role May Expand as U.S. Adjusts Asia Strategy -- New York Times

FORT MAGSAYSAY, the Philippines — The squad from the United States Army’s 196th Infantry Brigade was moving quietly through the hills of Luzon Island when the staccato bursts of machine gun fire sent them into action.

About a dozen soldiers fired into the surrounding mountains, while a small contingent broke away to make a direct assault on the hidden gunmen. After a brief, intense gun battle, the squad cleared the area.

The firefight was part of joint military exercises whose message, at least in part, appeared to be clear despite proclamations to the contrary. The exercises included mock beach invasions along coastlines facing China, whose military buildup and territorial claims in the South China Sea have alarmed some of its neighbors and jumpstarted the United States’ military “pivot” to the region.

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U.S.-Philippine Leaders to Discuss Alliance Future -- Defpro

My Comment: The U.S. and the Philippines have a long history .... I expect this relationship to continue as China seeks to assert their claims to areas that the Philippines have always traditionally assumed was theirs.

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