Monday, April 30, 2012

Chavez Returns To Cuba For More Cancer Treatment

Cuba's President Raul Castro (L) and Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez talk at the Jose Marti airport in Havana March 25, 2012. Photograph by: Handout , Reuters

Venezuela's Chávez Seeks Permission To Return To Cuba For Treatment -- NPR

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez may be once again headed to Cuba for cancer treatment.

The country's National Assembly said it is set to vote today on whether to grant the president permission to leave the country for more than five days. Bloomberg reports there is very little detail about the Chávez's health, but since he announced that he had a recurrence of cancer in February, he has been in Cuba more than he has in Venezuela. As we've noted before, this is especially important because Chávez is facing reelection in October.

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Update #1: Venezuela's Chavez To Head Back To Cuba For More Cancer Treatment -- CNN
Update #2: Chavez back to Cuba for more cancer treatment -- AFP

My Comment:
This does not look good for him. Cancer is an insidious disease, and one that I am sure is giving Hugo Chavez a fight for his life.

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