Thursday, May 31, 2012

Former Sec. Of Defense Rumsfeld: It Is Not The Business For A U.S. President To Micromanage A CIA 'Kill List'

Photo: Donald Rumsfeld. John Shinkle/Politico

WNU Editor: Just heard former US Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld on the Laura Ingraham radio show being very critical of President Obama's supervision of the CIA 'kill list' .... that this is NOT the job of a U.S. President. He also added that the last time a President had such a 'hands on' involvement on military/covert operations was President Lyndon Johnson during the Vietnam war.

Over the years I have been both a supporter and critic of Donald Rumsfeld .... but on this issue he is right.

I suspect that this story will be updated later on Laura Ingraham's site, and other media outlets will follow up.

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