Thursday, May 31, 2012

General Says He Was 'Accurately Quoted' But Misspoke On North Korea

U.S. General Admits He Misspoke About North Korea Spying -- CNN

A U.S. general in Korea who said that American troops parachute into North Korea to spy has admitted he was not misquoted in the speech – but that he misspoke.

Brigadier General Neil Tolley, commander of special forces in South Korea, made the comments during a speech at a conference in Florida last week. The Diplomat, a magazine based in Japan, quoted Tolley as saying in the speech that U.S. troops parachute into North Korea to spy on underground military facilities.

Amidst the ensuing controversy, the Pentagon accused the reporter of the piece, David Axe, of misreporting the speech.

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WNU Editor: David Axe has commented on the story that has put him on the 'hot seat' these past few days .... I suspect that he must feel very relieved right now .... I know I would be. A thumbs-up should also be given to Brigadier General Neil Tolley for admitting his mistake .... and going public about it. As far as I am concerned .... this story is now closed.

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