Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Frontline Pictures Reveal Terror On The Streets Of Aleppo

Onslaught: Smoke rises between buildings after shelling by forces loyal to Assad in the busy Salaheddin district

Chilling Shots From A City Under Siege: Frontline Pictures Reveal Terror On The Streets Of Aleppo As Rebels Fight For Control -- Daily Mail

* Thousands have fled the violence and others are running low on supplies
* Rebels say they will turn the city into the 'grave' of the Assad government
* They are advancing on Aleppo's centre and have taken army tanks
* But government have more weapons at their disposal
* More than 100 people were killed in Syria yesterday

These are the heartrending images captured on the streets of Aleppo as rebels and the Syrian government battle for power.

Rebel fighters have claimed President Bashar al-Assad's army has been forced into retreat, but on the frontline of the clashes, a grim picture of the bitter fighting can be seen.

Rebels say they will turn Aleppo into the 'grave' of the Assad government, and thousands have now fled, with those left running short of food and fuel and afraid for their lives.

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My Comment: In the battle of Aleppo .... this is becoming a fight to the finish. If the rebels lose .... they will leave and regroup to attack again. If the Assad regime and the military lose .... this is one step to their eventual defeat . With no hope for reconciliation or restraint .... I predict that a sizable section of Aleppo will probably be destroyed .... and the ancient quarter of the city .... which is also a UN World Heritage site .... will probably be severely damaged in the fighting.

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