Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Russia's Navy Ready To Evacuate It's Citizens In Syria

Russian Navy To Evacuate Syrian Base In Emergency -- RT

If the lives of the personnel at the Russian naval base in the Syrian port of Tartus are put at serious risk, they may be evacuated, Russia’s Navy chief says. This comes as Russia holds a major naval drill not far from the Syrian coast.

“If an emergency happens, we will remove the base’s personnel,” Vice-Adm. Viktor Chirkov told Echo Moscow radio Saturday, when asked what the Russian military would do if the base at the Syrian port Tartus came under attack.

He added that it would be up to the Russian president to order such a move.

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My Comment
: There are only 50 Russian navy personnel at the Tartus naval port .... but there are also an unknown number of Russian military personnel throughout Syria .... as well as diplomats, dependents, and common Russian citizens. This will be a big evacuation .... if it comes to that. But by having the Russian Navy chief come out publicly to state that this may happen .... Russia is tipping its hand that it does not have confidence in the long term future of the Assad regime in Damascus.


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