Friday, August 31, 2012

IAEA: Iran's Nuclear Program Continues To Expand (Updated)

Inspectors Confirm New Work by Iran at Secure Nuclear Site -- New York Times

WASHINGTON — Iran has installed three-quarters of the nuclear centrifuges it needs to complete a site deep underground for the production of nuclear fuel, international inspectors reported Thursday, a finding that led the White House to warn that “the window that is open now to resolve this diplomatically will not remain open indefinitely.”

The report by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the last to be issued before the American presidential election, lays out in detail how Iran over the summer has doubled the number of centrifuges installed deep under a mountain near Qum. Iran has also, the report said, cleansed another site where the agency has said it suspects that the country has conducted explosive experiments that could be relevant to the production of a nuclear weapon.

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More News On The IAEA's Report On Iran's Nuclear Program

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My Comment: The IAEA's report is here.(pdf)

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