Saturday, February 16, 2013

Was Israel's Prisoner X About To Reveal Mossad's Deepest Secrets?

Ben Zygier, Israel’s ‘Prisoner X,’ May Have Revealed How Mossad Used Foreign Passports -- McClatchy News

TEL AVIV, Israel — In the space of three days, a two-year-old mystery about an unidentified prisoner who hanged himself in a high-security Israeli prison has become a scandal for Israel’s vaunted Mossad spy agency. Many here are predicting that it will cost some top officials their jobs.

The Israeli government now acknowledges that Prisoner X was an Australian citizen named Ben Zygier who was held in solitary confinement for eight months in this country’s notorious Ayalon prison before he hanged himself. But the details of Zygier’s life as a Mossad agent are still emerging, and with each new fact, analysts find a pattern of a spy agency that let down its guard and then perhaps went to extremes to cover up its responsibility.

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My Comment: He was arrested as soon as he got back from Australia. That tells me that he must have said something in Australia that was relayed to Mossad .... hence the surprise arrest when he arrived back to Israel. I am guessing right now .... but it appears that Australia has an Israeli mole. As for the case itself, it is providing an incredible insight into how Israeli intelligence operates .... and it is only starting.

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