Saturday, March 30, 2013

North Korea's Official Declaration Of ‘War’

Here’s North Korea’s Official Declaration Of ‘War’ -- Washington Post

A few notes about this document just released by North Korean state media.

First, North and South Korea have technically been at a state of war since the Korean War began six decades ago. So, while this “declaration of war” certainly sounds scary, the rhetoric alone does not change anything substantial.

Second, North Korea does not appear to have taken many concrete steps toward actual war. There have been no reports, for example, of the country massing its troops along the border. War is a big, complicated logistical undertaking, especially when you’re a particularly poor country trying to shuffle 1.1. million troops into place. They’re not exactly a lightening-response force.

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North Korea's 'state of war' declaration: full text -- The Telegraph

My Comment: Over the years I have read many of North Korea's government statements .... but I have never read anything like this. We are now in uncharted waters.

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