Saturday, March 30, 2013

What Is The Damage That The North Korean Military Can Inflict In The Event Of A Shooting War

North Korea Could Inflict Significant Damage In Attack -- USA Today

WASHINGTON – North Korea's massive but poorly trained and equipped military could cause significant damage in the early stages of an attack on its southern neighbor.

But any attack would ultimately be repulsed by superior U.S. and South Korean forces, military analysts say.

It's unclear how serious North Korea is on following through on its threats, but North Korea has increased its bellicose rhetoric recently, renewing worries that its unpredictable leader, Kim Jong Un, could take actions that might trigger a wider conflict.

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My Comment:
I have mentioned more than once in the past that in the event of war, U.S. fatalities on the Korean Peninsula will quickly dwarf all U.S. fatalities in the past 10 years of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. As to what the impact of war will be on the Korean peninsula .... South Korean civilian casualties will be in the tens of thousands, North Korean military casualties will reach horrendous levels from U.S. precision airstrikes, and the cost to the South Korean economy will be in the trillions. On a geopolitical level .... this will be the number one issue on the world stage for 2013 .... bar none.

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