Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Some North Korean Spies Still Believe In The Kim Family And Communism

Trapped In South Korea, Veteran Spies Still believe In The North -- Reuters

(Reuters) - Park Hee-sung, a 78-year-old North Korean former agent who has been held in the enemy South for close to half a century, remains staunchly loyal to his homeland, the ruling Kim family and its Juche ideology of economic self-reliance.

A trim, neat man, Park is one of around two dozen North Korean operatives trapped in exile in affluent South Korea. He lives in a charity house in central Seoul with another former agent, 79-year-old Kim Young-sik, and dreams of the day he can return freely to the northern part of a unified Korea.

For Park and Kim, North Korea, which for several weeks has threatened the United States and South Korea with nuclear war, is no menace to world peace, rather a plucky nation that single-handedly stands up to American bullying.

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My Comment: My nationality is Russian .... so I have had my fill of meeting old Russians who still believe in Stalin. When I listen to them .... my eyes just roll around. I suspect in South Korea .... many Koreans are reacting the same way when they hear these two old North Korean spies.

Update: Here is a good post on North Korea .... 7 Things North Korea Is Really Good At.

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