Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Close Terror Call In England

Six Islamic Terrorists Facing Lengthy Prison Sentences After Admitting Plot To Bomb EDL Rally Causing Mayhem And Mass Injuries -- Daily Mail

* They arrived at rally at 4pm - only to find it had finished at 2pm
* Extremists' car stopped on their way home because it had no insurance
* Vehicle is towed with a cache of weapons hidden inside
* They had a nail bomb, two shotguns and swords - but they weren't found at the compound for TWO DAYS
* Group didn't take mobiles with them on day of the attack to avoid detection
* Jewel Uddin was involved in another bomb plot which could have been 'bigger than the 7/7 atrocities'

Six Islamic extremists who plotted a bloody bomb attack on a far-right rally only failed because the gathering finished early - even though they were under surveillance, a court heard.

The group admitted planning a murderous attack at the English Defence League (EDL) event in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, when they appeared before a judge today.

Five members of the gang travelled to the rally with an arsenal of weapons - including a nail bomb which contained 458 pieces of shrapnel, a partially assembled pipe bomb, two shotguns, swords and knives.

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My Comment
: Talk about luck and a very close call.

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