Tuesday, April 30, 2013

USS Freedom Breaks Down On First Deployment

USS Freedom. Wikipedia

USS Freedom Breaks Down, But Not Going Down -- The E-Ring/Foreign Policy

Stand down, Twitterverse, the littoral combat ship USS Freedom isn't going down, flooding, or even leaking, really. But she's not going anywhere, either.

Ten days after arriving in Singapore for her maiden deployment, the Freedom is dead in the water, awaiting repairs to her propulsion system, according to Navy officials at Pacific Fleet in Hawaii.

A tweet on Monday caused a bit of alarm when it suggested the Freedom was taking on water.

"Over the weekend USS Freedom started taking in seawater, port side," wrote Raymond Pritchett, author of the maritime-focused blog Information Dissemination, known widely online as "Galrahn."

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My Comment:  To say that this is embarrassing is an understatement.

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