Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Did North Korea Just Blink?

North Korea Halts Missile Launch Preparations -- Asahi Shimbun

North Korea has stopped work on preparing for the launch of a medium-range Musudan ballistic missile, according to government sources in Japan, the United States and South Korea.

Although the U.S. military has also temporarily eased back from being on high alert, the three nations will continue to keep a wary eye on Pyongyang as it is deemed likely that it will continue with its provocative actions in the medium to long term.

The sources said that from about April 20, intelligence units have been unable to intercept radio signals that North Korea had been transmitting on a test basis in preparing for a missile launch. The signals include telemetry signals transmitted by the Musudan missiles to ground bases that would track its course, as well as radar waves used for communications control within the ground base.

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Sources: North Korea pauses ballistic missile preparations -- Japan Daily Press

My Comment: If true .... this is a surprising development. Is it because of China? Internal North Korean politics? Technical problems? Your guess is as good as mine .... but I am not going to read too much into this (for now). On the ground .... North Korea is still going to launch their large-scale air and land exercises.

Update: North Korea's missile capabilities -- CNN

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