Friday, May 31, 2013

How Libyan Weapons and Know-How Reach Anti-Assad Fighters

A Free Syrian Army sniper takes position in a damaged house in Idlib on May 18, 2013. ABDALGHNE KAROOF / REUTERS

Arming Syria’s Rebellion: How Libyan Weapons and Know-How Reach Anti-Assad Fighters -- Rania Abouzeid, Time

The beefy Libyan revolutionary field commander turned politician rose from the beige couch to greet his new Syrian guest, who pulled up a chair to join the two other Syrian men seated in a semicircle around the couch in the café of a hotel in the southern Turkish city of Antakya, near the Syrian border.

The Libyan had traveled from Zintan, in northwest Libya, while a fellow countryman, a former militia commander from Benghazi, had traveled from that port city to hold court in this Turkish hotel and meet some of the rebels trying to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad. (Both Libyans requested anonymity, because of the nature of their mission.)

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My Comment:
It is going to take more than a few weapons from Libya to overthrow the Assad regime.

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