Friday, May 31, 2013

Syria's Sectarian Civil War Is Spreading Across Borders

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Syria's Deepening Sectarian War Bleeds Across Borders -- USA Today

AMMAN, Jordan — The Syrian civil war is increasingly drawing in nations across the Middle East, a regionwide conflict that threatens to pit world powers against each other.

On Wednesday, the United Nations Human Rights Council pushed through a resolution to investigate the abuses of the Syrian regime, over the objections of the regime's ally Russia, who insisted the West was making matters worse.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry continued his travels in the region, trying to get all parties to agree to a peace conference in Geneva in the next few weeks. But councils representing the Syrian rebels again refused to join, demanding representatives of Bashar Assad's regime be banned.

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My Comment: These two different Islamic sects have been at war against each other since the founding of Islam .... the only difference is that in today's conflicts modern day weapons are being used. A must read on this growing Sunni - Shiite split can be read here.

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