Sunday, June 30, 2013

After Weeks Of Protest Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's Support Plummets

Demonstrators in Sao Paulo, Brazil, carry a ‘Dilma out’ sign referring to President Rousseff. Photograph: Reuters

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's Support Plummets In Wake Of Protests -- The Guardian

Approval rating drops from 57% to 30% in first opinion poll since a million Brazilians took to streets to air litany of grievances.

Dilma Rousseff's approval rating sank by 27 percentage points in the last three weeks, the strongest evidence yet that the recent wave of street protests sweeping Brazil poses a serious threat to the president's likely re-election bid next year.

The share of people who consider Rousseff's administration "great" or "good" plummeted to 30% from 57% in early June, according to a Datafolha opinion poll published in newspaper Folha de S Paulo on Saturday.

The drop was the sharpest for a Brazilian leader since 1990, when Fernando Collor outraged the population by freezing all savings accounts in a desperate attempt to stop hyperinflation. Two years later, Collor resigned from the presidency as Congress began impeachment proceedings against him over corruption allegations.

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My Comment: Corruption. High taxes. Inflation. Failure to keep promises. These reasons and more puts Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's re-election chances next year in doubt. There is no question that she is rapidly becoming a liability for her Workers Ruling Party.

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