Monday, September 30, 2013

New Images Of Kenyan Mall Attack Aftermath Are Released

Abandoned Trolleys, Dumped Shopping Bags And Shattered Glass: First Pictures Inside Cafes And Shops Of Kenyan Massacre Mall Where 67 People Were Killed -- Daily Mail

* Chilling photographs show businesses in the Westgate Mall after it was targeted by terrorists last week
* Shopping trolleys were abandoned while customers left purses and bags on cafe tables as they fled the violence
* Shattered glass was left on the ground in an eery reminder of the atrocities which took place at the mall
* 39 people are still missing following the attack, the local Red Cross revealed today

Shopping trolleys abandoned, bags dropped on the floor and beer bottles left where they stand, these haunting images show the shops which were deserted in the aftermath of the Nairobi mall massacre which left 67 people dead and dozens more missing.

Carts full of goods were left standing in Westgate Mall as shoppers fled for their lives when jihadi terrorists rushed the building and started gunning down customers.

The photographs show how people apparently dropped bags on the ground as they made their escape, forming a disturbing portrait of the moment chaos broke out.

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Update #1: First images emerge from inside Nairobi's Westgate mall -- The Telegraph
Update #2: Aftermath Of Terror Shown In New Images Of Kenyan Mall -- NBC

My Comment: This is disgusting .... Smash 'n grab: Big looting during Kenya mall siege -- Seattle PI/AP

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