Friday, January 17, 2014

Reaction And Commentary On Robert Gates' Warning That U.K. Defence Cuts Threatens It's Military Partnership With The US

David Cameron Dismisses Robert Gates' Defence Cuts Warning -- BBC

David Cameron has dismissed a warning from ex-US defence secretary Robert Gates that armed forces cuts would diminish the UK's military standing.

The prime minister said Britain has the world's fourth largest defence budget and was a "first class-player in terms of defence".

The UK plans to cut 30,000 armed forces personnel by 2020, leaving 147,000.

Mr Gates said the erosion in Britain's capabilities had reduced its ability to be a "full partner" to the US.

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the "fairly substantial reductions" in UK defence spending meant it "won't have full spectrum capabilities" - meaning the ability to fight on air, land and sea - that it had previously.

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More News And Reaction To Former U.S. Secretary Of Defense Gates' Comments On The U.S. - U.K. Military Partnership

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