Monday, June 30, 2014

Afghan Taliban Have Established A Foothold In Helmand Province After 10 Days Of Fighting

Taliban Hold Territory After Afghan Offensive -- Al Jazeera

Fighters establish foothold in southern Helmand province in 10-day deadly battle against Afghan forces.

The Taliban has established a foothold in southern Afghanistan in a 10-day battle against Afghan forces, locals said, as the army and police struggle to prove they can defeat the fighters without NATO help.

A coordinated assault by 800 Taliban fighters on police checkpoints and military posts began on June 19, with Afghan forces rushed in to recapture parts of Sangin district in Helmand province.

Figures on casualties were difficult to ascertain but around 50 police, soldiers and civilians were estimated by security forces to have been killed in the initial days of fighting. Last week the government said that they had killed about 100 Taliban rebels in the fighting.

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My Comment: The Afghan government is saying that they have routed the Taliban. Other reports indicate that the Taliban are holding ground. I am not sure on who is winning .... but reporters are still not being permitted in the area where military operations are occurring.

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