Monday, June 30, 2014

World News Briefs -- June 30, 2014 (Evening Edition)

Cease-Fire In Ukraine Expires; No News On Possible Extension -- Al Jazeera

President Petro Poroshenko reportedly eyeing imposing martial law in restive east of country

A cease-fire declared by the Ukrainian president as part of his plan to end a pro-Russia insurgency in the east has expired without any immediate word on any extention.

The laying down of arms, which President Petro Poroshenko had prolonged last week from seven to 10 days, expired at 10 p.m. local time (3 p.m. ET) Monday. However, the Kyiv Post reported Monday afternoon that Poroshenko was expected to announce the end of the cease-fire and was expected to "impose a martial law in Donetsk and Luhansk."

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Bodies of missing settlers found in West Bank. Israeli military finds bodies of kidnapped teens.

Israeli leader: 'Hamas will pay'.

Any Israeli attack will open 'the gates of hell', warns Hamas.

Unrest in Iraq could delay delivery of US F-16s.

Isis rebels declare 'Islamic state' in Iraq and Syria.

Iraq strikes back with helicopter gunship attack on ISIS positions in Tikrit as Prime Minister Maliki says hundreds of soldiers have died in uprising.

Hanging onto oil-rich Kirkuk may prove a challenge for Iraq’s Kurds.

U.S. No. 2 diplomat expected to attend Iran nuclear talks in Vienna.

Russia asks UN to stop Syrian terrorist oil sales.

Syria activists: 7,000 killed in rebel infighting.

Israel launches airstrikes on a dozen Hamas sites in Gaza after factory is destroyed by Palestinian bombs.

Increasing drug use strains Yemen’s services.


Pakistan troops launch ground offensive against Taliban. Pakistan launches ground war in Waziristan.

Taliban hold territory after Afghan offensive.

Dozens killed as Taliban makes major bid for former Afghan stronghold of Helmand.

Karzai: 'Foreigners' behind Taliban offensive.

North Korea fires missiles ahead of Xi's Seoul visit.

N. Korea preparing to indict 2 American tourists.

N.Korea proposes suspension of military hostilities.

Thousands denounce Japanese PM Abe's security shift.

Top China military official Gen Xu Caihou accused.

Hong Kong prepares for mass protest against Beijing control.

Indonesia surpasses Brazil in deforestation rate.


Gunmen kidnap leading Libyan Islamist party figure.

U.N. peacekeeper killed, six others injured in Mali blast.

Suspected Islamist militants kill 24 in NE Nigeria. Dozens feared killed as Islamist militants attack several churches in Nigeria.

Market blast kills two in Somali capital.

50 rebels killed in Sudan’s Kordofan.

African economies expected to continue to grow.

WHO warns West Africa countries of Ebola spread.

Cairo hit by bombings on first anniversary of anti-Morsi protests.

Psych evaluation: Oscar Pistorius not mentally incapacitated during shooting.


Ukrainian cease-fire expires, no extension yet. Ukraine ceasefire expires without extension.

Ukraine's president faces decision on cease-fire.

Ukraine crisis: Leaders to hold more talks amid clashes.

Cameraman for Russia's top broadcaster killed in E. Ukraine. 5 Ukraine soldiers are killed as rebels defy extended cease-fire.

Russia: US pushing for Ukraine confrontation.

US general: Russian arms likely used in shootdowns.

European Commission steps in to help Bulgarian banks.

Juncker is new EU leader despite British wishes. Cameron comes under attack after defeat in EU row.

Thirty dead bodies found on Italy-bound migrant boat. Italian navy picks up thousands of migrants.

Pope says communists are closet Christians.


Obama rips GOP on immigration, says he will act alone.

Obama connects ISIL, terror threats at home.

Pelosi: Border breach is ‘opportunity’ to serve ‘God’s children’.

Poverty, violence drive Central American exodus to U.S..

U.S. Supreme Court to rule in mandatory union dues case. Court: Public union can't make nonmembers pay fees.

Facing deadline, Argentina slams US court decision on debt payments. Holdout investors says Argentina not at negotiating table.

At least 22 killed in gunfight southwest of Mexico City.

U.S. soldier suspected of murder in Panama likely to face military justice.

Toronto mayor admits 'complete denial' about substance abuse.


Appeals court revives Abu Ghraib torture lawsuit.

Airport security to be tightened over intelligence reports that Syrian terrorists are making 'creative' new bombs to target commercial flights.

Controversy swirls over handling of Benghazi suspect Abu Khatallah. Benghazi suspect pleads not guilty.

Obama: US under threat entire term. Obama: Battle-hardened militants pose threat to US.

China jails 113 in Xinjiang for terrorism.


BNP Paribas braces for $9 billion fine.

World Cup boosting profits for US businesses.

BNP Paribas to be 'punished severely', says boss.

Facebook emotion experiment sparks criticism.

Exclusive: Facebook scores record 1 billion interactions for World Cup.

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Rhaegar said...

RT says that Poroshenko has terminated the ceasfire. This stood in the article:Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has decided to not prolong the ceasefire with Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, announcing an end to a fragile deal to deescalate tensions in the eastern regions of the country.

“We will attack and will free our land,” Poroshenko said, according to a statement on the president’s website.

If he declares martial law in Donetsk and Lugansk what impact on the crisis will it have?
2. Did Poroshenko lie to Putin? Becaus he discused with Putin about exstending the ceasfire and Putin said that OSCE wil oversee the border if Poroshenko exstended the ceasefire.
Will Poroshenkos decisisons increase the risk of a Russian invasion?