Saturday, August 30, 2014

Coup Underway In African State Of Lesotho. Prime Minister Has Fled the Country

Military Coup Under Way In Lesotho -- Al Jazeera

Prime Minister, who has fled to South Africa, confirms with Al Jazeera that army has taken over government buildings.

Military units in Lesotho have surrounded government and police buildings and gunfire has been heard in the small mountainous southern African kingdom, in what diplomats said appeared to be an attempted coup.

The military seized control of the tiny police headquarters and jammed radio stations and phones in the early hours on Saturday, a government minister and member of the ruling coalition told the AFP news agency.

Prime Minister Tom Thabane confirmed with Al Jazeera that coup was indeed under way in his coutry and that he has now moved to South Africa.

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James said...

When is there a coup not underway in Africa?

War News Updates Editor said...

But Lesotho? South Africa is very quiet on what is happening .... which is a surprise.