Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ukraine Civil War News Updates -- August 30, 2014

Mariupol Digs Its Trenches And Awaits An Attack From The Troops Of 'New Russia' -- The Telegraph

Ukrainian forces in the port city of Mariupol believe Russian troops are poised to take their stronghold – but Moscow denies that its troops are serving across the border

"They're different to the fighters in Donetsk. We know what they're like, we've fought them before. These guys are different. Their kit, their uniforms, everything – they're Russian armed forces."

Standing among the sandbag redoubts dotting the grounds of the Azov battalion's headquarters in Mariupol, the city of 500,000 that has become the front line in the five-month old war in Ukraine, "Kirt" as the officer insisted on being called, seemed unperturbed by the presence of a well-equipped Russian army just 20 miles away.

"It's a psychological offensive," he said. "We're ready for anything, but I don't expect them to mount some massive attack."

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Ukraine Civil War News Updates -- August 30, 2014

Russian-backed separatists aim to push west along Ukraine's coast -- CTV/AP
Pro-Ukraine fighters escape encirclement, others still trapped: Kiev, militia -- Reuters
Ukraine says fighter jet shot down by Russian missile -- FOX News/AP
Russian tanks flatten east Ukrainian town, Ukraine military says - Reuters
Rebels control key Ukraine town as EU ministers urge new Russia sanctions -- CBS/AP
NATO: Russia supplying Ukraine rebels tanks -- Al Jazeera
Ukraine Brings Back Conscription as Russia Appears to Launch All-Out Invasion -- Time
Russians start asking: are we at war? -- The Guardian
EU leaders mull new sanctions over Russia's Ukraine actions -- CNN
EU to prepare 'next level' of Russia sanctions: Germany's Gabriel -- Reuters
Ukraine's Poroshenko wants 'appropriate response' from EU over Russian forces -- Reuters
Analysis: Russian troops in Ukraine a 'game-changer' -- CTV News
Map: A divided Ukraine -- CNN
The invasion of Ukraine, in maps, satellite photos, and video -- Quartz


James said...

The initiative has left the Ukrainians. You don't dig holes and await the enemy if you have it.
Mr. Ryzhkov has a long list of appellations (analyst, peace activist, opposition leader, etc) speed reader should be added if the video is any indication.
The rally at the end of the video: small attendance, very tepid crowd, and evidence it was largely staged(note many buses in the background) including of course a person dressed perfectly as a traditional Ukrainian.

War News Updates Editor said...

James .... you have a good eye .... I missed the buses in the background. But this part of Ukraine has a predominantly Russian population. Many of them are not going to help the Ukraine army.

James said...

"But this part of Ukraine has a predominantly Russian population" that explains a lot of what I observed.